Hello, and welcome to my eFolio.  My name is Carmina Colorado.  I am a graduate from Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Indiana. I completed my bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Theology. 

Returning to college as a "mature" student and balancing a family life is difficult, but in spite of the difficulties I have encountered, I have managed to continue to grow and learn. 

My theme is "A Non Traditional Student of Life." I chose this theme because I really consider myself as a non-traditional thinker. You will see it as you navigate through my eFolio by clicking on the menu located on the upper-left hand of this page. 

As you can see my theme is in both English and Spanish that is because I was born in Mexico and want my Spanish speaking friends and family to be able to share in my experience.  

My single mother raised four children in Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico. Despite financial difficulties I graduated from a technical school (a three year program in business), and attended the University of Veracruz for two years also majoring in business.   

An astute reader might notice that my intellectual pursuits in Mexico were concerned with business.  I did well, and love organization and good management. How then did I come to two very different avenues of study, psychology and theology?  These might have a more obvious connection, but what do they have to do with business?  The answer is my theme, "A Nontraditional Student of Life."  

Currently, I have been living in USA for more than 15 years.  I came three thousand miles to meet my husband, Gaston Longines who is from my home state! We have three children: Emily 13, Emmanuel 9, and Emma 4.  Emily and Emmanuel love baseball and attend Saint Matthew Cathedral School. Emma too wise for a four year old thinks she can do anything! As a late addition to our family she has taken her place, ruling our hearts and making us laugh often! 

Now, on to my journey at Holy Cross, where I have learned to analyze, integrate and live my life's experiences as I approach graduation and a professional career. 

Thank you for taking the time to look through my eFolio.